A Website Refresh for Ductmate Industries, Inc.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ZAP Solutions has been working directly with Ductmate Industries Inc. on their website refresh.  Ductmate was looking for a development team to give their website a modern look and feel, yet still capture the informative sections that include necessary details for their customers.  To execute this, ZAP created modernized templates that include, image rotators, along with a directory for products, distributors, and specification sheets/submittals.  ZAP was able to create a customized site that captures the desired attributes. 

dmiDuctmate Industries, Inc. is the largest heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) accessories manufacturer in North America, so it is a necessity that their product directory is easy to use for customers to quickly find their desired HVAC products. 

The product directory begins with ten main categories of products and descriptions, where customers can click on any of the categories to get a more defined list of products.  For example, when clicking on Duct Connectors, it separates the products into two different types of ducts, with each containing links to specific product pages.  To highlight Ductmate’s commitment to sustainability, there is a leaf added next to the “green” products, making them easier to identify.

dmi2Each product page has information unique to the product.  The information is all on one page, so it is simple to learn about the basic use, description, and special characteristics of a specific product.  There are also links to related spec or MSDS sheets, videos, and testimonials from previous users.  Shown to the right is an example of a YouTube video used for Ductmate ‘25’/’35’/’45’.     It will demonstrate different uses of the product, along with how to implement the product to connect rectangular ducts.

The various media sources, content, directories, and images are populated and editable by ZAP’s Content Management System (CMS) directly onto the website.  To see more of the features that ZAP has created for Ductmate, view Ductmate Industries Inc.’s website!