The St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish Website has Launched

Thursday, September 15, 2011

St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish in the North Side of Pittsburgh has just launched a newly refreshed website. The Parish has many sections on their site detailing pertinent information that is useful to their members, such as mass times, donation and fundraising updates, and possible involvement opportunities with one of their many Parish organizations.  St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish’s mission is to continue to unite their members as part of a Catholic community by striving to live Christ-centered lives through worship, partaking of the sacraments, and serving those in need.  Through the help of the website, the Parish is able to bring their mission to life.

NCS-CalendarThe Parish serves the greater Brighton Heights area as well as surrounding neighborhoods, so it is essential for them to have an informative and updated website for their previous, current, and future members.  St. Cyril’s newly refreshed website is managed and maintained by ZAP Solution’s content management system (CMS).  

The CMS is extremely user-friendly and customizable. For example, the calendar on the home page does an excellent job of presenting upcoming events. The CMS also eliminates bottlenecks that occur when one person or department is responsible for updating the entire website.   This way, multiple users can use the CMS whether they are at work, at home, or on a business trip.  This will allow for more improvement opportunities within the site to keep their members engaged and connected to the Parish.


Additionally, the CMS allows multiple websites to live within itself.  Users can effortlessly manage content into any of their websites by simply changing the name of the site from the dropdown selection.  The St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish team is assisting in the creation of the Northside Catholic School website, and ZAP Solution’s CMS makes it possible for their members to easily edit both of the sites within the same CMS. 

Check out the St. Cyril of Alexandria’s Parish website!